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Hoge Eng West 28, 3882 TR Putten, The Netherlands


Wiseled  – High performance illuminators and lasers for military/defense and security

Wiseled is an innovative and established player delivering high performance illuminators suitable for any mission. Whether on land, at sea, on mobile or on static platforms.

Their products are designed for a number of applications, including integration with optic and sensor modules. They enable operations in the most challenging environmental conditions. Their solutions enhance the operator’s ability to observe, detect and engage targets with increased accuracy and reduced collateral damage conditions

Defense and Wiseled

With their strong background in defense, both in their personnel and their war-proven products, Wiseled is sure to give your the knowledge and technical solutions for your every illumination need. Their multispectral, ruggedized and modular illuminators increase the capacity of your vehicle’s and weaponry’s sensor packages and support you in peace keeping missions today and in battle tomorrow, enhancing force protection and reduces collateral damage.