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Environmental Pledge

Environmental Pledge
Betalight b.v. have a pledge to operate in a manner which minimises the impact of its business operations on the environment, to help protect the nature that we all cherish.

How our products are changing
Over the years, Betalight b.v. have always considered the environmental impact of their products and production processes and where possible have used sustainably sourced materials. We have also introduced a range of products which are knitted using polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, this helps reduce waste and material consumption. We will continue to build upon this over the next few seasons to become greener.

Recyclable packaging
Betalight b.v. is committed to minimise single-use plastics in packaging where there is an alternative, sustainable solution, working towards a 75% reduction over the next 3 years, we also remain committed to shipping customer orders in previously used packaging whenever possible. We have made significant improvements to our product packaging and going forward all new products in our leisure range will use either 100% recyclable kraft card or FSC approved card qualities for outer packaging and plastic bags are being replaced with a range of sustainable alternatives: LDPE recyclable poly bags, bio-degradable poly bags or fabric reusable bags, this enables us to remove any single use plastics from new products going forwards, which is a big step on the road to becoming a greener.

The day-to-day stuff
We have an established recycling system for office waste including paper, old catalogues, aluminium cans, plastic packaging/drinks bottles, food packaging, etc. Whilst in our warehouse we always recycle/re-use suitable packaging received from supplier deliveries. We also work with a waste management service provider to sort and separate recyclable materials from our general waste collections to divert waste from landfill.
Betalight b.v. is committed to ensuring all policies and processes are compliant with the latest relevant legislation and regulations also to keep up to date and ensure any changes are acted upon.

Working with our suppliers
We are continuously working alongside our suppliers to introduce more sustainable and recyclable products and packaging options for our products.

How you can help
As a Betalight b.v. customer, please help us to recycle our packaging responsibly.


Betalight Environmental Pledge - Recyclable packaging