PTZ with long range searchlight

PTZ with long range searchlight

Starling Q62

STARLING Q62 was born by combining:

….a commercially available PTZ

Our chosen PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom Camera System) is a reliable and robust network camera specially designed with high precision pan,tilt and zoom and long-range IR to cover wide and long-distance surveillance. This tough camera can recognise and identify targets in large open areas even in poor light or complete darkness. From harbors and airports to highways, this platform is ideal for 24/7, all-weather surveillance anywhere you need it.

… and military grade multispectral illumination

The searchlight is a multispectral illuminator originally developed for military use. With a visiblelight’s range beyond 5 kilometers and adjustable beam angle from 1 to 15 degrees it has extended situational awareness and fields of use. It’s IR laser and Green Dazzler gives this modular package a broadness in use not seen in such format before.


From PTZ surveillance to a powerful deterrence package by utilising a proven and commercially available PTZ, and adding to it not only one but up to three military grade illuminators, we have got ourselves a powerful surveillance and deterrence package ready to be deployed as stand- alone or as part of an integrated system.

  • Day/Night Camera – HDTV 1080p with 30x zoom
  • Visible Searchlight – High intensity, long range, focusable, strobe function
  • Infrared Laser – Enhances the IR picture at 1500m and beyond
  • Green laser dazzler – non-lethal deterrence

A demonstration of the Starling Q62 beam

Another demonstration of the Starling Q62 beam

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