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Tritium, LED and IR Lighting Systems
Military lighting systems

Welcome to the website of Betalight BV, a company dedicated to providing military lighting solutions. We specialize in a range of products, including Tritium markers, LED lighting, and Infrared (IR) lighting, all designed for the demanding conditions of military operations. Our high-performance lighting is designed to enhance your military capabilities, especially in low-light conditions, and provide critical support during nighttime missions.

At Betalight BV, we understand the importance of military-grade durability and reliability. All of our lighting products are field-tested and designed to withstand the toughest environments. Our Tactical lighting, vehicle lighting, and military vehicle accessories are engineered to ensure that you have the best lighting solutions available for mission-critical situations.

We also offer emergency lighting, combat lighting, and high-performance lighting solutions that meet military-grade standards. Our night vision products provide critical support during nighttime operations, and our infrared lighting systems ensure that you remain undetected in the field.

Betalight BV is committed to providing top-of-the-line military lighting solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients. Our products are field-tested and proven to perform in the toughest environments, making them ideal for military operations. Browse our website to learn more about our military lighting products and how they can enhance your mission capabilities.

Complete light design
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Our assortment
We offer a wide variety of military vehicle lighting solutions designed to enhance the performance and safety of your vehicles in the field. Our extensive range includes IR driving lights, interior lights, blackout lights, LED search lights, light and laser modules, headlights, signal lights and others.



Betalight H3 gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) and devices (GTLD)
are absolutely reliable, completely maintenance free
For extensive information about tritium lights



IR light are designed to complement perfectly the  user goggle, not just for matching the wavelength in nm, but in intensity and beam angle and shape.

Light Devices

All our LED lighting systems are high specification, rugged and designed specifically for challenging environments.

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Military (Vehicle) LED, Tritium and IR Lighting Systems.
The lights are designed for both the retrofit and new build market Solutions

    All our LED and Tritium lighting systems are high specification, rugged and designed specifically for challenging environments