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SRB Technologies

SRB Technologies, Inc. (SRB) is the World leader in Self-Powered Emergency Lighting and Self Powered Exit Signs.


The company was the original commercial developer of the Self Powered Tritium Light Source during the 1960’s.

Its focus at that time was developing Self Luminous Lighting Systems for the Military and the Aerospace industry.  It was soon recognized this failsafe Tritium Light Source would have enormous benefits in the area of Emergency Lighting in buildings, and so the Self Powered Exit Sign was developed that used Tritium Light Sources.

After successfully selling the product around the World, SRB entered the Emergency Lighting market in the United States in the late 1970’s to sell Tritium Exit Signs.

Today, SRB’s Luminexit and Betalux tritium exit signs can be found in hotels, schools, airports, shopping malls, commercial and industrial buildings

Betalight, Tritium Exit & Safety Signs by SRB Technologies

The specification of safety & emergency lighting can be one of your most crucial decisions. People’s lives depend on it.

Betalight, Tritium Exit & Safety Signs Are:

  • Self luminous
  • Entirely self-powered
  • Use no electricity, no batteries, no wiring, no maintenance & no energy consumption

From the original developers of the Betalight. The Betalight is an innovative self luminous light source used as an alternative to conventional electrical lighting products for safe, continuous, well illuminated emergency lighting

SRBT tritium light sources and light devices