Infrared ID

Infrared ID

Infrared ID


Infrared ID systems employ specialized materials to selectively reflect infrared wavelengths, facilitating discreet and accurate identification based on unique infrared signatures.

Infrared Combat ID Patches (NVG, Image intensifiers, SWIR)

Our IR identification products are crafted from a specialized passive material designed to absorb all visible light while selectively reflecting infrared wavelengths. Customizable within the 0.7-1.4 micron range, these products ensure covert operation, activating solely in the presence of IR laser/light. The reflected IR is emitted at a narrow angle, observable solely from the viewpoint of the IR source.


Covert Activation: Only activates in the presence of IR laser/light, ensuring discreet operation.

Passive Material: Crafted from a specialized material engineered to absorb visible light and reflect infrared wavelengths.

Customizable IR Wavelength: Reflects IR within the 0.7-1.4 micron range, allowing for tailored applications.

Narrow-Angle Reflection: Emitting reflected IR in a narrow angle ensures observation solely from the IR source viewpoint.

Enhanced Security: Provides an additional layer of security by leveraging IR technology for identification purposes.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for various identification needs in both civilian and military contexts.

Non-Intrusive Design: Integrates seamlessly into existing systems without disrupting functionality.

Reliable Performance: Ensures consistent and reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.

What is infrared?

Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are slightly longer than visible red light and shorter than microwaves, because the wavelengths are around 800nm to 1mm it is completely invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Night vision devices allow you utilze this light using two different techniques, thermal imaging and image intensifiers. Both give you the ability to see in the dead of night.

Thermal imaging cameras work on the basis that everything emitts infrared light (radiation) gathering it and producing an image to allow you to distinguish between warm living objects and the cooler environment surronding them.

Secondly image intensifiers gather all availble light photons (visible and non-visible) and converts them into electrons, multiplies the electrons, then through a phosphor screen converts the multiplied electrons back into light photons creating an intensified visible image of the viewed area. 

Most Image Intensifiers also offer a IR illuminating capability which floods the viewing area with infrared light to brighten and enhance the visible detail of the environment, whilst remaining invisible to the human eye. Our REDeye® infrared identification systems are designed to take advantage of the light emitted from these IR illuminating night vision devices by using military grade reflective materials that send every infrared light photon back to the image intensifier, making more electrons available to be multiplied and converted back into photons to create a intense reflective signature from the REDeye® product. 

Applications in military setting

IR Flags
JTAC callsign IR patch
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