Thermal ID

Thermal ID

Thermal ID


Thermal ID utilizes passive materials to reflect the distinct thermal energy signatures of objects or environments, enabling reliable identification based on thermal contrast. This technology finds applications in outdoor settings, where it can detect and differentiate objects based on their thermal characteristics, even in challenging weather conditions.

Thermal Combat ID patches, Thermal ID Panels (Thermal devices 3-5 & 8-12 micron)

Thermal ID panels and patches, constructed from a passive material, are specifically designed for outdoor applications. When exposed to the open sky, they harness thermal energy, particularly on clear days where sky temperatures can plummet to -30°C, creating a distinctive contrast as a cold area on thermal devices. This material functions consistently across the 3-5 micron and 8-12 micron ranges.

PTIM carrier system

TWO Sided Identification Safety Panel

(Roll down troop version : attaches to PAL webbing: either Body Vest / Rucksack)

Active Electronics ultra-lightweight personnel Daylight and Thermal Identification Marker (PTIM). Thermal signature area measures 300 x 350mm, light weight and easily deployed and stowed.

Side One: Highly visible Orange Ripstop nylon fabric for daylight marking and identification

Side Two : Thermal reflective material produces a high contrast passive thermal signal that can be seen day or night by thermal imagers. The surface emits a strong cold thermal image that can be seen across a wide range of deployment angles – vertical to horizontal plane.

Construction: The panel is constructed from a mixture of textiles with additional webbing reinforcements providing a robust and light weight marker, the panel can be attached via the 20mm OD anodised brass corner eyelets.

Thermal IDs on a tank
Signalling panels

Ultra-lightweight Thermal Identification Marker (TIM) weighing only 68g, the only easily deployable marker. The panel produces

a contrasting image to the surronding –

environment when viewed through thermal optical equipment.

TIM provides a strong cold thermal signature across a wide range of deployment angles, typically and elevation between 10o to 120o from vertical produces the strongest signal.

Constructed from light weight nylon based cloth and backed by a reverse highly visible side, the panel can be attached to the 20mm OD anodised brass corner eyelets. This enables multiple TIM’s to be joined together creating larger thermal images.

Sizes available:

TM4B941 – 600 x 600mm TM1109 – 1000 x 1000mm

Custom sized markers can be supplied.

Transparent thermal

Applications in military setting

Thermal patch on a helmet
open thermal panel front and back
Vehicle marked with thermal tape
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