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Hoge Eng West 28, 3882 TR Putten, The Netherlands

Map Reader

Self-Luminous Map Reader

Self-Luminous Map Readers provide a secure and effective
means for map illumination and magnification in darkness,
without affecting night vision.


Key features

  • Map reading with minimum light exposure
  • White light preserves map legend colours
  • Solid lens prevents ingress of moisture
    and condensation
  • Betalight luminance maintains night vision
  • Images are magnified X 1.5



  • Options for clear or calibration in degrees, mill radians
  • Range of NATO Stock Numbers
  • No batteries, bulbs or maintenance required
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions

mapreader dark

Absolute Reliability

  • Positioning of the lamps at the base of the unit increases security. The solid lens is a key feature in preventing ingress of moisture and accumulation of condensation over time in adverse environmental conditions. Light output is not affected by temperature, humidity, altitude or operational plane.


Map reading applications, particularly in adverse climatic
conditions and where security in forward areas is vital.
Tactical map reading – the light stays inside the reader.


Length : 85 mm
Width : 65 mm
Depth : 55 mm
Weight : 200 g


The solid lens and scale panel are fixed and sealed securely
within a tough polycarbonate inner housing. A black rubber
outer sleeve provides additional robust protection.