The self-luminous Torch is a compact, lightweight light source with reliable and secure illumination that does not affect night vision.

Key features

  • Maintenance-free, no batteries or bulbs required
    Light weisht (Fight light)
    Optimised performance for reading
    Will continue work normally even when used or immersed in water
    Smooth non-slip casing and ergonomic design
    Recessed light source and hinged front cover increase security by enabling graduated light exposure
    Service life of 10 years
    NATO stock number 6260-99-965-3582
    Operation in temperatures between -60 °C and +70 °C.

The Self-Illuminated fight light Torch utilizes green light to a brightness of 1,000 µL providing practical illumination of an area of 10 cm². Brightness is not affected by temperature, humidity, altitude or operational plane.


The Torch incorporates a ring and neck cord for easy carrying, handling and temporary fixing to support structures/pickets.

Typical applications
  • Dark area illumination
  • Diving illumination
  • For in-outdoor and general use
  • Military law enforcement around the world
  • Night Navigation Aid: to enable map or compass
    readings in tactical situations
  • AFV fire control equipment illumination

The inner housing is constructed of tough polycarbonate, the outer body and hinged front cover of black neoprene rubber. A nylon cord is attached to the fixing ring.

Physical characteristics

Overall length : 77 mm
Diameter : 35 mm
Weight : 45 g


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