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About us

Betalight b.v. stands for high quality products, but also for high consulting competence. Since 2004, our actions have been determined by our knowledge of today’s requirements and  tomorrow’s trends. From the very beginning, we have continuously grown with our tasks.
Our customers rely on this wealth of experience and at the same time benefit from our broad market knowledge and bundled manufacturer expertise. A competitive advantage is that we offer the complete package, driving lights, blackout lights, lights for remote weapons stations and tailored lighting solutions.

From Inspiration to Innovation
Consider us an extension of your team, partnering with you to
identify needs, assess risks, leverage technologies and
accelerate timelines — to impress and captivate your

Technology is constantly evolving. Our attitude towards design
remains constant. Relentless innovation and smart partnerships
make Betalight b.v. the reliable partner who invests in the design
and science of vehicle lighting.

Military Standards (MIL-STD)
Whether in use for civil or military operation many of our
products have MIL-STD certification guaranteeing the products’
have been designed and built to the most exacting

Although EU law requires a minimum two years guarantee as we
have complete confidence in the reliability of our products they
come with a three year guarantee.

The lights are designed for both the retrofit and new build
market and include normal visible, NVG Compatible, NVG
Friendly and Covert technology. Solutions include infra-red (IR)
external lights and low profile interior cabin lighting and task
lighting. All products are designed for the toughest military
environments and offer a high MTBF, outstanding durability
and EMC performance. The range includes visible and IR
options and is suitable for all types of military vehicle, from
heavily armoured tanks to logistics vehicles.

IR lighting:
The IR Illuminators are optimal for various covert operations, like
driving with NVG (Night Vision Goggles). It is perfectly suited to
support an IR vision enhancement camera system or to be used to
illuminate areas for high performance sensor systems like pan-tilt
units or for helicopter operations. Our IR lights are made to
increase the operational capabilities for a multitude of nighttime
operations while maintaining a very low detectability.

  • Typical applications
  • The lights are designed for both the retrofit and new build vehicles
  • Drop in replacement for fast and cost economic solutions
  • High power LEDs to increase the service life and increase the visibility significant
  • Optimizing camera systems
  • Weapon system, upgrade with a spotlight that emits both IR light and visual light
  • Smart heat technology use a thermal grid system that automatically heats up to de-ice the lens when it’s cold outside
  • Blackout lighting: LED technology eliminates heat signature based on extremely low power usage and blast resistant
  • Work light depending on the application: remote controlled, IR, white or green light, light intensity up to 20,000 lumens
Our assortment
We offer a wide range of military shelter, shipping and vehicle lighting systems. Sight illumination, identification systems, tritium lights and military equipment.

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Military (Vehicle) LED, Tritium and IR Lighting Systems.
The lights are designed for both the retrofit and new build market Solutions

    All our LED and Tritium lighting systems are high specification, rugged and designed specifically for challenging environments