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Cyalume products

1.5’’ Mini Chemlights 4 Hours duration Visible (orange + green) + IR

Introducing the versatile 1.5-inch Green/Orange Mini ChemLights, designed to meet diverse illumination needs with dual-color functionality. These compact ChemLights offer vibrant green and orange hues, providing flexibility for signaling, marking, or enhancing visibility in various environments. Whether for outdoor excursions, emergency preparedness, or recreational activities, our Mini ChemLights deliver reliable performance in a conveniently portable size, ensuring readiness for any situation.

4’’ Chemlight 6 Hours duration Visible (orange + green) + IR 8 Hours Duration

Introducing the ChemLight 10cm (4 inch) lightstick, your go-to solution for lightweight and practical illumination needs. This compact lightstick, the smallest available from Cyalume apart from the MINI range, offers unparalleled versatility. Featuring an open hook with a hole for easy attachment, it’s a staple tool for military forces worldwide, serving a multitude of purposes from marking routes to covert map reading and combat operations. Ideal for both tactical and survival situations, the ChemLight 10cm lightstick is also available in an infrared (IR) version, boasting an impressive 8-hour glow time for enhanced stealth operations.


Available in 4″ & 6″

15’’ (Non) Impact Visible (orange+ green) 12hour duration + IR 3hr/8h Duration

Introducing the 15-inch Visible Lightstick, combining vibrant orange and green hues for enhanced visibility in various settings. With a remarkable 12-hour duration, this lightstick provides long-lasting illumination for extended use. Additionally, it features an infrared (IR) capability with options for 3-hour or 8-hour durations, ensuring versatile functionality for both standard and covert operations. Ideal for military, emergency, and recreational applications, this lightstick offers reliable performance in any situation.


Available in Non-Impact & Impact

3’’ Lightshapes Visible (orange + green) 4 Hours Duration + IR 3 Hours + 8 Hours Duration

Introducing the 3-inch Lightshapes Visible Lightstick, featuring a vibrant combination of orange and green colors for enhanced visibility. With a practical 4-hour duration, this compact lightstick offers reliable illumination for a variety of activities. Additionally, it includes infrared (IR) capabilities with options for 3-hour or extended 8-hour durations, ensuring versatility for both standard and covert operations. Perfect for military maneuvers, emergency situations, or recreational use, the Lightshapes lightstick delivers dependable performance when visibility is crucial.

Flex Bands Visible (orange + green) 6 Hours Duration + IR 8 hours + 3 Hours Duration

Introducing Flex Bands, versatile light bands featuring a blend of vibrant orange and green hues for heightened visibility. With a practical 6-hour duration, these bands offer reliable illumination for a range of activities. Additionally, they boast infrared (IR) capabilities, providing options for both extended 8-hour and standard 3-hour durations, ensuring adaptability for various operational needs. Perfect for military operations, emergency situations, or outdoor adventures, Flex Bands deliver dependable performance in low-light conditions.

PML (personnel marker light) 8 Hours duration

The Personal Marker Light (PML) is a compact personal light meticulously crafted for easy attachment onto life jackets, facilitating swift location of individuals in emergency “man overboard” situations, thereby enhancing safety at sea. Endorsed by the American Coast Guard, this indispensable device is a must-have addition to rescue kits aboard vessels or conveniently slipped into the pocket of your life jacket for immediate access. This personal marker will glow for 8 hours.

SOS survival signal light

The SOS lightstick is equipped with a cord for easy handling. When activated, it transforms into a remarkably practical survival signal light, emitting a highly visible circle of light. By rotating its handle, it creates a luminous circle visible from up to 1 mile (1.6 km) at ground or sea level, and up to 3 miles (4.8 km) from above.

CyPouch tactical holder

The answer to the question of “how do I have my lightsticks instantly accessible and protected ?”  has now been found thanks to the new Cyalume designed CyPouch.


Cyalume lightsticks are sensitive to ultraviolet light exposure, which can diminish their effectiveness over time. In tactical settings, users can now prepare their lightsticks in advance with CyPouch, saving crucial seconds during missions. With convenient features like metal loading rings and elastic loops for organization, CyPouch ensures easy access and preservation of lightstick performance. Its compact, ambidextrous design, along with MOLLE attachment options, makes it an ideal tactical accessory for quick and efficient deployment in various configurations.