Infrared Beacon Model 2334

Infrared Beacon Model 2334

IR 360 emergency flashing beacon

360 IR beacon, 880nm Infrared Transmitting beacon.
to emit a distinctive flash pattern to help
different vehicles in a convoy or operation.

Input voltage:

Outer Lens Material:
Housing Material:
Housing Colour:
Mounting Type:
Min / max temp.:
Connector or Wiring:

    •       12 – 28V
      Black acrylic
      Aluminum 6061-T6
      Hard black anodised
      Low Profile Mount
      -55 / 71°C
      Flying lead
      Flashing mode
      5 Km Depending on conditions

IR 360 emergency flashing beacon DCN Technologies

The Infrared beacon

is used to covertly identify vehicles in Military and Security CONVOYS thru the use of a flashing Infrared Marking Beacon. With the increased number of vehicles in the combat arena, there is an increased need for Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) signaling devices. The infrared beacon provides an IFF Infrared Marking Beacon that can be permanently affixed/mounted to any vehicle.

When operating in a convoy of vehicles with each vehicle clearly identified via IR beacons – they can easily track each other. Aerial assets can maintain a constant visual by placing the aircraft tracking system on Automatic, once the ground vehicle has been locked on – the IR beacon becomes the objective of the auto-tracker keeping it’s movements always on the screen. The IR Beacon provides a flashing IR signature that is visible out to a distance of several miles reducing the risk of Blue on Blue situations when operating in Combat or Contested areas.

The IR beacon is completely waterproof and can be permanently affixed to the exterior roof or side of the vehicle  for greatest angle and longest rangeof visibility. The IR Beacon is also available in a constant ON version.

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