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Aircraft Safety signs & Comparator

Aircraft exit signs

Innovative, tritium self-powered and permanently illuminated signs and labels for use in passenger transport systems and vehicles.


Sign, text and legend have excellent legibility in light, dark and twilight ambient lighting conditions. In the dark, signs can be viewed from distances of up to 50 metres. Tritium Sign brightness can be varied according to application and is not affected by temperature, humidity, altitude or fixing plane.

Military aviation exit aircraft signs
Key features
  • Absolute reliability – operate even in catastrophic power failures
  • Independent of electrical power and ambient lighting
  • Lightweight, do not require wires, batteries, bulbs, or transformers
  • Simple and quick installation procedure even in retrofits
  • Maintenance-free operation
Typical applications
  • Betalight tritium Escape route signs for (passenger) transport systems eg: aircraft, road and rail vehicles
  • Instruction signs for emergency equipment eg: BG hammers, fire extinguisher pull and open signs

Military aircraft exit signs

  • Signs are suitable for mounting directly to supporting surfaces. Conduit boxes and other interfacing devices are not required.
  • Signs are encased in tough, lightweight, corrosion and fire resistant acrylic plastic (fabricated to provide maximum strength at minimum weight) and are ultrasonically sealed to prevent ingress of dust and moisture. A variety of colours and fi nishes are available to meet customers’ specific needs.



Betalights do not emit photons the same way as other light sources. This is why the comparator methodology is still the only way to test tritium H3 illuminated safety signs. A comparison between the brightness of the lighted portion through the viewing slot and the calibrated light source will confirm whether the test sign is above or below the required brightness.