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Glow in the dark way guidance

Glow in the dark way guidance

PL Guidance Solution provides some of the most eye-catching and sophisticated options available in the industry.

The tape is self-luminous, therefore, needing no external or internal electrical power supply. The photo luminescent strips are charged in ambient office lighting conditions. The photo luminescent strip will gradually reduce in brightness over a period of 60 minutes.


Glow in the dark way guidance systems
Key features

– Absolute reliability
– Tactile and visual guidance to exits
– Modular construction enables customised systems
– High output photoluminescent strip and fittings
– Directional way guidance betalight inserts
– Quick and easy self-assembly and installation
– No electrical supply or batteries required
– Long, maintenance free service life


Using inherently reliable technology and simplicity of operation, the system also delivers excellent operational benefits. Technical maintenance is not required and there are no consumable or moving parts. The cost of ownership is consequently extremely competitive, and in the event of the building being modified or refurbished, the modular nature of the system enables changes and extensions to be implemented quickly and conveniently.

Glow in the dark signage for military shelters, ships, aircrafts

Glow in the dark safety systems train stations, ships, military shelters

Glow In The Dark Signs

  • The signs automatically glow when the lights go out!
    Not only can these signs save your life, but the same technology can be applied to your everyday life in every situation. Moreover, it will increase the awe factor with our new customized Photo-Luminescent Signs…

Glow In The Dark Tape

  • A simple, yet highly effective tape for guiding people to safety in the event of reduced visibility. This self-adhesive glow in the dark tape absorbs light. Once it is dark, the tape will glow brightly. This process can be repeated for a long time and is ideal for indicating (escape) routes in the dark. In daylight the colour of tape is white and in the darkness the colour of the tape will be green.The tape will be mounted one metre from the floor on the wall in corridors and rooms, or just on the floor. Especially, for floors we provide anti-slip tape. The tape is easily to see and is always within reach of adults, children and people in wheelchairs. The tactile features enable people to find their way to the nearest fire exit, regardless of their visual ability.

Glow In The Dark Arrows

The floor marker is round shaped and has a diameter of 10 or 20 cm. The marker has an arrow, which will lead one to a safe exit. The top layer of this marker is made of polycarbonate and is finished with a strong anti-slip layer.

Typical Applications
  • Hospitals, Shelters
  • Parking garage, warehouses
  • Stairways
  • Stations, stadiums
  • Ships, platforms
  • Aircrafts
  • Public buildings