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Internal Lights

Full Suit of interior lights with emergency mode

Full Suit of interior lights with emergency mode including explosion proof variant are designed and built for the unique environment of a submarine; offering high IP rating, battery back-up and explosion proof enclosures.

Shipping Interior lights

The LED submarine compartment lights have been designed to offer a direct replacement for 8, 18 and 36 Watt fluorescent units. These lights are designed specifically for naval applications and can meet the shock and vibration levels experienced at sea.

The LED lighting is efficiently designed to require less power; an important factor, especially on diesel electric submarines. The lights feature intelligent heat management software to protect the unit in the event of excessive ambient heat. The thermal dynamics ensure the LEDs are protected and operate at the appropriate level, thereby ensuring optimum performance and life.

  • All units are designed to meet EMC / EMI requirements of MIL-STD-461E
  • Supply 115V, 60Hz, 2 phase of a 3 phase supply in accordance with DOD-STD-1399 (NAVY) section 300.
  • Colour White: Temp 4800K – 6500K
  • Colour Red: Wavelength 620nm – 645nm
  • Multi-voltage version available (For operation from 12V DC up to 250V AC)
Shipping Interior lights
Shipping Interior lights