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Marine Navigation Lights

Marine Navigation Lights

The LED marine navigation lights has been specifically developed for vessels over 50 metres. The suite contains a full ships set of navigation lights with options available in both AC and DC variants, all statutory lights have completed Lloyds register wheel marking certification.

The lights are robust and low maintenance, they don’t require replacement bulbs and the DC variants have a built in health check system to enable the bridge team on the vessel to identify if a light is non-operational. The light housing is robust and compact.

The lights are night vision lighting friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft flying on night vision goggles. All lights are sealed to IP67 and meet stringent EMC requirements; the DC variants are fully tested to Def Stan 59-411.

Marine Navigation Light - 4

Mastheid lighting for vessels

  • The Masthead Light not only meets the requirements of the
    COLREGS for vessels of over 50m as a stand alone part, but the LED
    light source also provides the advantage of low power consumption.
Side Light
  • The critical COLREG angular cut-off requirements are met entirely
    within the housing of the sidelights, removing the need for
    fitted sidescreens. All other requirements of the COLREGs for vessels
    over 50m are met with the added advantages provided by LED light
    sources. LEDs are carefully binned to guarantee lifetime compliance
    to the regulations.

Marine Navigation Light - side light

Marine Navigation Light - Starn

  • As well as meeting all the COLREG requirements for any vessel over 50m in
    length the Stern Light provides a particular advantage to any vessel
    handling the approach of an NVG aided aircraft due to the LED light source
    and dimming capability. A non-standard red variant is also available.
  • The position of the LEDs in the anchor light have been calculated
    to provide an even light output over the full required 360°. They are
    carefully binned to confirm full compliance to the COLREGs over the
    lifetime of the product.

Anchor Shipping Light

NUC-RAM-CBD - Shipping Lights

  • These lights have been designed to meet all the signalling requirements
    detailed in the COLREGs for vessels over 50m in length. The NUC/RAM/CBD Lights are designed to be used in tandem with one light mounted in front of the mast and a second mounted to the rear with the required 360°  distribution split between the two. The lights are available in red only or  red/white with the red modes able to flash in order to cover all possible signalling variations required by the COLREGs.
Other Lights
  • We also provides a selection of subsidury lights which are also
    suitable for vessels of 50m or more in length but may be implemented
    at the users discretion. These include Masthead and Hull Contour
    lights which provide outline information for those viewing the vessel.
    The Hull Contour Light is intended to be mounted in an inverted
    position pointing at the hull. An LED optic provides a light output
    specifically designed to give an even distribution over the surface.
    The Manoeuvring and Warning Signal Light is designed to meet the
    requirements of the optional visual signalling as prescribed in Rule 34
    of the COLREGs.
Marine Navigation Light - Starn
Marine Navigation Light other lights