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Peg Light

Self-luminous Peg Light

The standard Peg Light incorporates green light to a solid brightness of 500 µL. This makes it visible in every weather condition at a range of more than 35 metres. The brightness will not be affected by any temperature, humidity or altitude. The Peg Light is also available in orange which indicates danger. 

Peglights can be rapidly driven into earth, soft wood or tarmac.
Spring and attachment clips are incorporated to enable easyd
attachement to a wide range of support structures.

The Peglight body is cast in aluminium alloy and finished in Military green. The spring and attachment clip is sprung steel with black phosphate finish.

Overall length : 200 mm
Cruciform diameter : 12 mm
Maximum depth : 25 mm (incl. clip)
Weight : 72 g
Viewing angle : 90º


Key features

  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions
  • Rugged construction enables penetration of hard ground
  • Secure viewing angle of 90° (1600 mrads)
  • Betalight luminance maintains night vision
  • No batteries, bulbs or maintenance required



  • NATO Stock Number 5820-99-650-8640
  • Colour options available
  • Extensive operational life
  • Designed to meet EMC MIL-STD-461
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to deploy

Absolute reliability

  • This peg light is visible in all environmental condition. Because of its rugged construction, it is able to penetrate hard ground. No batteries, bulbs or maintenance is required. There are also multiple colour options available.

Peg Light 2.0

This technology will de-ice your lens twice as fast as other lights due his thermally conductive grid system. The system will automatically run at start up or when the temperature drops.


The Peg Light 2.0 body is made of titanium and can be rapidly driven into earth, soft wood or tarmac. A carbine hook equipped with an m8 spanner is attached to enable easy xing to a wide range of support structures.

The advantage is the 3 different lights that can be fit in for navigation. West: green-red-green and East: red-green-red

Overall length: 205 mm
Cruciform diameter: 12 mm
Weight : 36 g
Viewing angle : 180º

Peg 2.0 3S
Peg 2.0-S