FALCON – Long Range Illumination

FALCON – Long Range Illumination

Visible illumination

Introducing the FALCON Searchlight, a high- performance illuminator. With its remarkable range and adjustable beam angle, it provides extended situational awareness and efficiency in various fields of use. Equipped with laser illuminators and an optional LED flood light, the FALCON ensures enhanced visibility during night-time operations. Its rugged design guarantees durability and reliability, making it the go- to choice for critical situations. Elevate your capabilities and experience unmatched performance with the FALCON Searchlight Specifications:


  • High-Intensity Searchlight: >15 million Candela
  • Added flood Light: in visible or infrared spectrums
  • Optional: Infrared Laser Illumination: 860nm
  • Optional: Green Laser Dazzler: 525nm
  • Low size to weight ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Best in class luminous
  • intensity
  • Focusable light
  • Wide range
Key features

– Long Range Illumination: Visible light up to 7 kilometers.
– Adjustable Beam Angle: Set angle from 1 to 40°+ for situational awareness.
– High-Intensity Output: Over 15 million Candela for spotlighting and signaling.
– LED Flood Light: Added visible light when needed.

– Optional Laser Illumination: Infrared and green lasers for night-time use.

Demonstration of the falcon long range illumination

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