Model 633-2240

Model 633-2240

The FALCON is the perfect searchlight replacement for existing halogen/xenonsystems made to reduce power and service requirements. With an expected lifetime of beyond 10000 hours (L70), it is a perfect searchlight module for remote camera systems and critical infrastructure installations.

The Falcon is developed to be used as a visible effector (searchlight and dazzler), support cameras and sensors both in day and night-time use. Its applications range from military to
commercial, where the Falcon’s broad capabilities become useful on weapons and surveillance equipment alike.
Model 633-2240
7M Candela, Wide Range Illumination, 5km
  • Low size to weight ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Best in class luminous intensity
  • Adjustable beam angle from 1 to 15 degrees
  • Wide range, 0,25 LUX @ 5425 m
  • Interface options RS422 or RS485
  • 5800 Kelvin
  • Constant and Strobe functions, programmable

With a range beyond 5 kilometers, the Stormbird is providing performance beyond expectations for solid-state lighting. The adjustable beam angle from 1 to 15 degrees gives extended situational awareness and fields of use. When the system is running with a narrow beam, you have a 7M candela high-intensity to both spotlight, signal and warn people of interest within your chosen  perimeter.

Falcon Long Range Illumination -Falcon Long Range Illumination - Weapon station spot light

Falcon Long Range Illumination - Weapon station spot light


Light output
Outer Lens Material
Outer Lens Color
Housing Material
Housing Color
Mounting Type
Min / max temp.
Connector or Wiring

12 – 28 V wide-ranging spotlight
7,000.000 cd
1 – 15 degrees adjustable
133.00 mm
1958 gram
Hard black anodised
Low Profile Mount
-25 / 65°C
38999 Shellsize 11.

Infrared Laser module
For night time operation and sensor support, the FALCON is equipped with a class 3B 860nm
Infrared laser illuminator.

Green laser dazzler /NON Lethal dazzler
The FALCON has a class 3B 532nm Green laser dazzler integrated as a hail/warning capacity for both day- and night operation.

The Falcon is made from high-grade corrosionresistant aluminum with a hard anodized surface to best protect it from wear, tear, and corrosion.

Falcon Long Range Illumination - Weapon station spot light

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