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Adventure lights

Extreme products for extreme confitions

Adventure Tactical Inc. is a premier manufacturer of extremely durable safety and signaling beacons for use where positive visual ID is vital. The company manufactures a wide assortment of visual and IR portable lights, remote controls, and interactive/programmable light products that are in use with the Canadian, US, and British military as well as many other countries’ Ministry of Defense.

Adventure Tactical offers many kinds of signal lights that feature a variety of functions and output colors – both overt and covert. They are all waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet) and extremely resistant to impact. We were the first to design a one-hand operated, ergonomically considered multi-function LED light back in 1994. We built the VIP with a revolutionary body that melded the housing to the circuit board as one solid unit. This signature design is still unmatched for its durability and intrinsically safe properties, and we have since grown to hold an entire range of products meant to fit all needs. Many of our lights come with the option to record and playback a unique flashing signature.

IR Vehicle Illuminators are plentiful, what isn’t so common are lights that can take the punishment the military vehicles can put out. Adventure Lights developes series of illuminators to do their duty in the harshest environments while enhancing soldier safety. The light is now an installed factory kit on many new Humvees, and can be ordered for Humvees and many other convoy vehicles. This illuminator is popular where extreme use is commonplace.

Oxley LED lighting is well-suited for a wide range of military vehicles, including APCs and logistics vehicles, whether in new constructions or retrofitting. These lights have demonstrated their effectiveness in major vehicle programs like the Foxhound, BvS10, Husky, and Eagle. Many Oxley lights boast an impressive MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) exceeding 50,000 hours, resulting in significant cost and energy savings throughout their lifespan compared to traditional vehicle lights.

Oxley offers a variety of vehicle products, including electronic components like LED panel lamps that come in different configurations to meet specific color and voltage requirements while meeting rigorous military standards. The inclusion of EMI filters from Oxley ensures that electromagnetic interference has no adverse effects on vehicle performance and communications.

The lighting options provided by Oxley encompass IR driving lights and convoy lights, which enhance vehicle capabilities when used alongside military night vision goggles. The IR light emits a 880nm beam, effectively illuminating the path ahead while maintaining a minimal NVG signature for covert operations.