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Hoge Eng West 28, 3882 TR Putten, The Netherlands

LED lighting for military fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Solutions include external lighting systems,
internal cockpit / cabin lighting, and the widest range of positional, landing and taxi lights.

Led Panel  Mount Indicators

Panel Mount Indicator Lamps & Panel Mount RGB LEDs

Panel mount LED indicators combine the latest in technology with proven mechanical and optical expertise to provide a wide range of products designed for the most demanding of industrial and military applications.

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Landing Lights

A range of landing lights that are integral to the landing sequence of a huge range of aircraft used for commercial and military purposes. The range includes LED Bulb Replacements such as the PAR 64 Bulb, the High Intensity LED Landing Light and a Dual Mode Landing Light.


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Aircraft Safety Signs & Comparator

Innovative, tritium self-powered and permanently illuminated signs
and labels for use in passenger transport systems and vehicles.

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IR Beacon Lights

They are superior to strobes in all areas; smaller, lighter, brighter, more robust and are more reliable. Intended to be used in pairs, one above and one below the aircraft, they utilise the world renowned night vision and LED technology. Proven in use on UAVs, military helicopters and fast jet aircraft, these anti-collision lights are certain to enhance aircraft operational capability. They are suitable for any type of aircraft platform and are perfect for installation where size, weight, reliability and through life cost savings are critical consideration factor

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LED Mini Floodlight

LED mini floodlights are small, lightweight, low profile LED lighting solutions for new build and retrofit applications. Initially designed and installed in cockpits and vehicle cabins, this lighting is suitable for most interior lighting applications, particularly where height or space is an issue.


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A range of low profile LED lighting to satisfy a variety of requirements for robust, reliable and high performance lighting systems. The DC and AC Combi light is ideal for new build and retro-fit projects. Unique in its design, it delivers white light plus an integrated blackout mode in a choice of colour


LED Gooseneck

The LED Gooseneck incorporates state-of-the-art LED lighting technology to provide a rugged task light designed to meet the toughest military standards. This is an exceptionally bright and highly focused task light with a luminous intensity of 600cd. Sealed up to IP67, high vibration and shock proof.

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Multi-purpose markers

The guide your path when the lights go out. The self-luminious markers are always on and require no electricity. The are the perfect solution for corridors, stairways, route safety,  marking of vital portable equipment.